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Want to know more about the artist, Rachael Huntington? Here’s the place to learn about the work and projects she has been involved in and gain a little information on her background & professional career.

How would you describe your style?

I was fascinated with fantasy artwork, Sci-fi and Disney as a child. The likes of Rodney Matthews and Brian Froud were my childhood heroes and Disney films fed my enthusiasm for lovable animated characters. Then my likings took on a slightly darker form in my teenage years and I alarmed some of my school teachers with outpourings of demonic horses and twisted creatures. Still, my main art teacher did nothing but encourage and cultivate my more unusual artistic outlets and I suppose those early days set a tone for what would become ‘my style’. Later, I developed a love of Manga films, Japanese computer games and Anime style artwork. Then, mixed with my computer games experience and a love of the slightly sinister, some sort of twisted offspring emerged, and I suppose that’s the long story of where my particular style comes from! I’ve done a good job of explaining my influences (oops, not paying attention to the actual question!), but as far as describing my style…perhaps decide for yourself 😉

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